I envision a world where everyone acts intentionally to harness their innate capabilities, transcend structural boundaries, and reduce suffering. My name is Ben Mosior, and Hired Thought is how I pursue that future.

Who I am

  • Founder at Hired Thought, helping overwhelmed leaders obtain strategic clarity.
  • Visiting Scientist at PraxisFlow, enabling flow in enterprise organizations.

What I do

  • Individualized strategic planning and sense-making (read more)
  • Wardley Mapping education, workshops, and coaching (reach out)

My Approach

I can best describe myself as an empathic problem solver — someone who “gets in the middle” of difficult situations, grasps both the social and technical nuance, and brings about sustainable improvement. I help entrepreneurs and leaders in purposeful organizations gain renewed situational awareness, break free of inertia, and focus in on effective execution.

I provide careful guidance to people experiencing frustration at not knowing where to begin, those concerned with why things aren’t working as expected, and anyone overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty. I’m the person you call to help get “unstuck,” restore effectiveness, and adjust course towards success.

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, with very few exceptions. George Box said it best: “Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.” And so I employ a variety of context-specific methods informed by lean, agile, the Theory of Constraints, and complexity.