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Batches and Iterations

The following is a rather unpolished glimpse into how we think about batch sizes and iterations. First, we expect our system to have a goal. For a software-building system made of people like ourselves, the goal is to deliver value in the form of working software. We think of “batches” as the units of work into which “software-building” is broken down during an iteration. The work may be features, break/fix, or less-defined pursuits like design or experimentation, all of which may be composed of several batches/units of work. We strive… Read more Batches and Iterations

Hidden Complexities

Originally published September 24, 2016 I consider sense-making to be a component of Landscape and Doctrine (from Sun Tzu’s Five Factors), and so I am incorporating a short overview of Cynefin into an upcoming talk on strategy. While outlining, I toyed with a few examples for the various ontological domains and learned an unexpected lesson, with the help of a colleague. Cynefin has few domains (though they might also be thought of as interwoven spectra): Obvious (Simple), Complicated, Complex, Chaotic, and Disorder. To illustrate Obvious and Complicated, I thought useful… Read more Hidden Complexities