Strategic Clarity

Strategic Clarity is a business service for “when what you know isn’t working, and there are no specialists who can help you.”

These deep, heartfelt one-on-one conversations are focused on what matters, what’s possible, and the obstacles currently in the way. They can also occur as collaborative work experiences (e.g., Wardley Mapping). The end result is always a shift from ambiguity towards clarity and forward movement.

My gift is that I notice things, and people make significant breakthroughs in the areas that matter to them when they work with me. I have helped founders, managers, professors, executives, freelancers, individual contributors, and teams alike.

Where are you on your journey towards clarity?

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Ben is an asset to any team that has the fortune to work with him. First and foremost, Ben has a deep sense of compassion, empathy, and integrity that pervades everything he does. But he is not merely another person with a kind and loving heart: he wields a deep power with a precise and effective set of skills. Ben has an intimidatingly large quantity of tools and mental models available at his disposal, which he knows when and how to deploy. The results and outcomes of Ben deploying his skills is just astonishing. To name just one example, we collaborated on an enormous project that I estimated would take several months of diligent work, if I even completed it successfully. Ben shared one simple tool – a prerequisite tree – that dramatically simplified the complicated series of steps in front of us. The end result was that we successfully completed the project in a matter of weeks. He’s the first person I think of when I find tricky problems or new opportunities, and I wouldn’t want to start a company, run a non-profit, or embark on accomplishing a major vision without Ben’s support.

Tasshin Fogleman

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