Wardley Mapping Mini Unconference

Propose topics, meet people, and learn together!
9am PacificNeed a different time? Let us know!

What’s an unconference?

It’s a simple formula: Show up, propose topics, break into groups, and then discuss & make together!

This one is a mini unconference (only an hour long), and it will be held online through Zoom.

Regardless of background or experience level, you are welcome here.

Your facilitators are here to help!

David Holl

David Holl

Founder & CEO, Postobject

David has spent over a decade working with and leading top teams on big challenges such as product/market fit, hypergrowth, IPO, and Acquisition. His experiences as a GV-trained Design Sprints practitioner highlight the incredible impact sprints can have, enabling teams to consistently do their best work and rapidly launch the business forward.
Ben Mosior

Ben Mosior

Principal, Hired Thought

Ben is a Practitioner Advocate and Organizational Coach with 9 years’ experience performing nontraditional sociotechnical interventions. He engages with leading experts to accelerate the refinement of novel sense-making approaches and facilitates team learning experiences oriented around the articulation and deployment of intent to create favorable outcomes.

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