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  • Tasshin Interviews Ben on Strategy

    Tasshin Interviews Ben on Strategy

    This is a rapidfire overview of strategic methods that Tasshin Fogleman and I recorded back in July of 2020. He’s edited it together for the Reach Truth Podcast, which you can check out at his YouTube channel here. I recommend watching the video directly on YouTube, since there are important links in the description that […]

  • Donald A Schön at Iowa State University (Talk Transcript)

    Donald A Schön at Iowa State University (Talk Transcript)

    When intuitive, spontaneous performance yields nothing more than the results expected for it, then we tend not to think about it. But when intuitive performance leads to surprises, pleasing and promising or unwanted, we may respond by reflecting-in-action. Donald A Schön, The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think in Action To read the transcript alongside the […]

  • Ten Heuristics for Bad Times

    Ten Heuristics for Bad Times

    A heuristic is a cognitive shortcut for decision-making. It is not guaranteed to be rational or even correct. It serves only to help you get to “good enough” in the short term. Here are ten to try in bad times…

  • On Understanding the Self: Mapping and the Annual Review

    On Understanding the Self: Mapping and the Annual Review

    Back when I thought I needed to work in cubicles the rest of my life, I did something similar to this with mapping. I believe @kelseyhightower has as well. I do wish I had @MaturityMapping at my fingertips back then. It might have helped me struggle less. Oh, was I ever fighting myself while trying to figure out how […]

  • “Help” Is a Four-Letter Word

    “Help” Is a Four-Letter Word

    There is helpful help, and then there is unhelpful “help.” Far too much help seems to fall into the latter category, and when someone “helps” — when it’s not asked for, when it presupposes too many incorrect assumptions, and when the relationship is not fair and equitable — the social fabric breaks down and trust […]