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  • Tasshin Interviews Ben on Strategy

    Tasshin Interviews Ben on Strategy

    This is a rapidfire overview of strategic methods that Tasshin Fogleman and I recorded back in July of 2020. He’s edited it together for the Reach Truth Podcast, which you can check out at his YouTube channel here. I recommend watching the video directly on YouTube, since there are important links in the description that…

  • Tim Ebenezer — Mapping Policing in the UK

    Tim Ebenezer — Mapping Policing in the UK

    Absolutely fabulous conversation with Tim Ebenezer on Wardley Mapping and policing in the UK. We walk step-by-step through a hypothetical example, sharing our stories and experiences along the way!

  • Mario Platt: Evolution-informed Security Strategy

    Mario Platt: Evolution-informed Security Strategy

    What an absolute privilege it was to host LearnWardleyMapping Professional Member @madplatt! He sets us straight on strategy, security as a constraint vs an enabler, and The Four Problems we must address for an adequate 2020+ security posture.