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  • Organizational Resilience (Matt Stratton)

    Organizational Resilience (Matt Stratton)

    Legendary DevOps friend Matt Stratton joins Ben for a discussion on the very near and dear topic of organizational trauma. Matt shares important lessons from his experiences, as well as a few secrets to building organizational resilience through incident response. (Content warning: General discussion of trauma.)

  • Building Bridges (Colleen Esposito)

    Building Bridges (Colleen Esposito)

    Ben is joined by Colleen Esposito, an agile coach and self-described bridge-builder with an incredible set of unique experiences spanning finance, software development, project management, and even home renovation. She and Ben explore the complexity of engaging with organizations as an outsider and what it really means to change the way we work. Colleen Recommends: […]

  • Implicit Guidance (Mario Platt & Ben Ford)

    Implicit Guidance (Mario Platt & Ben Ford)

    Special guests Mario Platt (Privacy Beacon) and Ben Ford (Commando Development) join Ben Mosior for an extensive discussion of the OODA Loop, the Cynefin Framework, and Derek M. C. Yuen’s book, Deciphering Sun Tzu. Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War Thinking in Bets The Evolution of Wealth Deciphering Sun Tzu Loon […]

  • How are you doing as a human? (Toby Sola)

    How are you doing as a human? (Toby Sola)

    This episode features a thoughtful discussion with Toby Sola, Co-Founder & CPO of Brightmind, a meditation app for managing stress and anxiety. Ben and Toby explore the intersection of meditation and technology, as well as how to start inviting contemplative practice into your workplace. Our mutual friend Tasshin Shinzen Young The Monastic Academy Meditating in […]

  • The Reluctant Devop: Heretical Anthropology (Anthony Mastrean)

    The Reluctant Devop: Heretical Anthropology (Anthony Mastrean)

    Ben kicks off episode 2 with Anthony Mastrean, a friend, colleague, and professional organizational agitator. They discuss the origin story leading to their work together, what it’s like changing an organization from the inside, and the underrated discipline of Software Configuration Management. Steven Shorrock: The Varieties of Human Work Tasshin Fogleman: Burja Mapping Discussion with […]