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  • Things I do when I start a consulting project.

    Things I do when I start a consulting project.

    This is a lightly-edited reproduction of a thread I originally posted to Twitter in May of 2021. When I begin a new consulting project, I start by creating a new folder under my ‘Projects’ using Tiago Forte’s P.A.R.A. organizational structure (see bonus section at the bottom of this post). The first thing in my new […]

  • Your Ideal January 1st

    Your Ideal January 1st

    Here’s how to start 2023 off right — not with some far off imaginary nonsense, but with a concrete design for the here-and-now. Today we’re venturing outside of Wardley Mapping to a complementary planning method called the “Ideal Present,” which comes from the PhD work of Jabe Bloom (please cite him if you use the below in […]

  • 6 years is a long time

    6 years is a long time

    Tasshin is a good friend, in every sense. We’ve talked much over the years about strategy and intentional being and doing. In the latter link, he discusses Power, Maximum Deep Benefit, Cynefin, Iteration, Conditions/Consequences, The Expected and the Unexpected, Wardley Mapping, Burja Mapping, The Theory of Constraints, The Logical Thinking Process, Alliances, SWOT, Westrum Typology, […]

  • Easy Come, Easy Go

    Easy Come, Easy Go

    Twitter is a sad, unsurprising story. But I’m comforted by some good news: All things are temporary, even platforms. I’ve come to accept that all content I produce on someone else’s platform is impermanent. But it’s important to note: Some platforms are less impermanent than others. In light of Twitter’s mess, I’ve embraced three alternative […]

  • Millstones and Learned Hopelessness

    Millstones and Learned Hopelessness

    Learned Helplessness is something that happens when someone’s agency (as in, their ability to make decisions, take actions, and see the impact those actions have on the world) gradually, persistently gets eroded away. When that erosion has gone on long enough, that someone stops believing that their actions matter. They go with the flow of […]