The Wardley Mapping Canvas

The Wardley Mapping Canvas provides just the right amount of visual structure to help mapping practitioners make quick progress and have a better learning experience while building their first maps. The canvas has been added to the official RealtimeBoard template library (yay!).

However, at Map Camp 2018, someone very helpful (whoever you are, please say hello so I can give you proper credit!) pointed out that not everyone wants to use RealtimeBoard. That’s a fair point, so here’s a downloadable image template:

Wardley Mapping Canvas

The above image will always point to the latest copy of the canvas, now hosted in its official GitHub repository.

There’s so much that could be improved about the canvas, and if you feel so inclined I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Just open an issue in the repo, or email me directly.

And here’s a canvas in the wild, as seen at Map Camp 2018 in London:


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