Author: Ben Mosior

  • Easy Come, Easy Go

    Easy Come, Easy Go

    Twitter is a sad, unsurprising story. But I’m comforted by some good news: All things are temporary, even platforms. I’ve come to accept that all content I produce on someone else’s platform is impermanent. But it’s important to note: Some platforms are less impermanent than others. In light of Twitter’s mess, I’ve embraced three alternative […]

  • Millstones and Learned Hopelessness

    Millstones and Learned Hopelessness

    Learned Helplessness is something that happens when someone’s agency (as in, their ability to make decisions, take actions, and see the impact those actions have on the world) gradually, persistently gets eroded away. When that erosion has gone on long enough, that someone stops believing that their actions matter. They go with the flow of […]

  • Ontological Pluralism

    Ontological Pluralism

    Ontological Pluralism is an idea put forward by Arturo Escobar in his book Designs for the Pluriverse. The more I think about it, the more it messes me up. I’m sure I’m getting it wrong in important ways, but the basic idea as I understand it is a flavor of live-and-let-live focused on which futures […]

  • 5 Lessons From a Decade of Marriage

    5 Lessons From a Decade of Marriage

    A letter written to a newlywed couple. The truth is, marriage is extremely rewarding. It is also extremely difficult. We’ve learned many hard lessons about building a good marriage over the last decade, and we’re sharing the ones that have helped us the most below. (We’re hopeful that what took us eleven years to learn […]

  • Cynefin with Examples

    Cynefin with Examples

    Cynefin is a public domain (citation needed), complexity-centered framework for sense-making. There are 5 ontological domains (you can call them quadrants if you want to piss off certain corners of the internet) — Clear (formerly Simple/Obvious), Complicated, Complex, Chaotic, and Disorder. Each domain suggests its own specific way of being. I’m going to describe this […]