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  • Evolve: A Quick Reference for Wardley Mapping

    Evolve: A Quick Reference for Wardley Mapping

    About two years ago, I was doing quite a bit of Wardley Mapping, and I found myself looking up the same parts of Simon’s blog over and over. At the time I was super interested in information microsites (single-topic sites like this one), so I built one to host the one thing I referenced most…

  • Intro to Wardley Mapping

    Intro to Wardley Mapping

    A hard truth of decision-making is that complete information will never be available. We use tools, techniques, shorthands, and experience-laden aphorisms to fill in the gaps, but they remain inadequate in addressing uncertainty. Our individual coping mechanisms are bespoke, strange, and inconsistent. We struggle with self-contradiction over time. Decisions made tomorrow will unfold differently than…