Wardley Mapping, A PowerPoint Template

Originally published June 25, 2016 One particularly coherent approach to “strategy” involves using a map to pursue increased situational awareness from which to execute various forms of gameplay. This technique is known as Wardley Mapping, and I highly recommend reading through An Introduction to Wardley (Value Chain) Mapping and watching Simon Wardley’s 2014 OSCON keynote. Continue reading Wardley Mapping, A PowerPoint Template

Cutting Costs. Or, How to Pretend Complex is Simple.

Originally published March 20, 2016 Suppose a company discovers that its projected revenue is below original expectations for reasons outside of its direct control. The bottom-line numbers are going to look bad, so something must be done immediately. Cost-cutting measures will be explored, and when every budget has been squeezed and nothing else remains, the Continue reading Cutting Costs. Or, How to Pretend Complex is Simple.

Cynefin, Culture Change as Complex

Originally published February 27, 2016 The Cynefin framework (created by Dave Snowden) reveals that Complicated or Simple approaches break down and can only succeed by complete accident in the Complex domain, because causality is only clear in retrospect. From this basis, let’s briefly refute the notion of culture change as Simple or Complicated. If you Continue reading Cynefin, Culture Change as Complex