Let’s Do Things On Purpose, Together.

Welcome, internet friend! You’ve just stumbled upon Ben Mosior, an absurd but friendly methodology whisperer who specializes in unorthodox ways to intentionally think, know, and do.

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Digital Experiences

Bring your team together for memorable, humane discussions and workshops about purpose, strategy, principles, and futures.


Conversational Sparring

Refine your thinking through a 1:1 experience of careful listening, thoughtful challenge, and curated followup.


Expert Naiveté

Get a fresh read on a situation or create exposure to new ways of thinking through humble observation and inquiry.

Learn strategic thinking with Wardley Mapping

Cynefin with Examples

Cynefin is a public domain, complexity-centered framework for sense-making. There are 5 ontological domains (you can call them quadrants if you want to piss off certain corners of the internet) — Clear (formerly Simple/Obvious), Complicated, Complex, Chaotic, and...

Tasshin Interviews Ben on Strategy

This is a rapidfire overview of strategic methods that Tasshin Fogleman and I recorded back in July of 2020. He's edited it together for the Reach Truth Podcast, which you can check out at his YouTube channel here. I recommend watching the video directly on YouTube,...

Donald A Schön at Iowa State University (Talk Transcript)

When intuitive, spontaneous performance yields nothing more than the results expected for it, then we tend not to think about it. But when intuitive performance leads to surprises, pleasing and promising or unwanted, we may respond by reflecting-in-action.Donald A...

The Everyday Process of Burnout Recovery

Susan Almon joins Ben to discuss the long, hard journey of recovering from burnout.

Meaning Making Machines (Jennifer Carlston)

Ben and Jenny discuss the absurdity of life, how to create and test learning models, and a unique approach to experience sharing known as “kything.”

Working with Ben was unlike any consultant I’ve ever worked with before. He knows technology, but doesn’t get distracted by bells and whistles. He knows strategy, but doesn’t get lost dreaming up big visions with no connection to reality. He has empathy for people, but doesn’t allow any one person’s agenda to dominate the discussion. He’s like a mediator between the dozens of competing interests, concerns, and goals in a complex project, while also pushing it forward toward concrete results.

It’s difficult to describe exactly what Ben does, because he covers so many bases. But when he’s around things go more smoothly and major mistakes that could derail the team simply don’t happen.

Tiago Forte

Founder, Forte Labs

Ben is an asset to any team that has the fortune to work with him. First and foremost, Ben has a deep sense of compassion, empathy, and integrity that pervades everything he does. But he is not merely another person with a kind and loving heart: he wields a deep power with a precise and effective set of skills. Ben has an intimidatingly large quantity of tools and mental models available at his disposalwhich he knows when and how to deploy.

He’s the first person I think of when I find tricky problems or new opportunities, and I wouldn’t want to start a company, run a non-profit, or embark on accomplishing a major vision without Ben’s support.

Tasshin Fogleman

Assistant Executive Director, Monastic Academy

Ben is one of the clearest thinkers on strategy I’ve ever met. He’s also an incredible communicator and facilitator. If you need someone on your team right now to navigate these troubling times, you would be utterly mad to pass this offer up!

Ben Ford

Founder, Commando Development