Let’s Do Things On Purpose, Together.

Welcome, internet friend! You’ve just stumbled upon Ben Mosior, an absurd but friendly methodology whisperer who specializes in unorthodox ways to intentionally think, know, and do.

Principles vs Context: It’s Not About Choice

For Map Camp 2020, I had the absolute privilege of co-delivering a session with Farrah Campbell and Cat Swetel on principles in Wardley Mapping.

Ten Heuristics for Bad Times

A heuristic is a cognitive shortcut for decision-making. It is not guaranteed to be rational or even correct. It serves only to help you get to “good enough” in the short term. Here are ten to try in bad times…

We Live in Interesting Times (Andrew Clay Shafer)

In the midst of a pandemic, Andrew Clay Shafer and Ben Mosior talk transformation, hope, and civic duty. Recorded March 23, 2020.

Society in Transition (Dr. Caitlin McDonald)

COVID-19 is changing our society, but how are we coping? Ben is joined by digital anthropologist Dr. Caitlin McDonald to discuss our collective re-examination of common assumptions about work, community, and life.

Language Is Key, but Context Is King (Dean DiStasio)

Ben is joined by artist Dean Distasio to explore what it takes to create transformative conversations through complexity-informed artistic works. Dean shares his process and offers unique perspective on networks, narrative, and the importance of language and context.

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Working with Ben was unlike any consultant I’ve ever worked with before. He knows technology, but doesn’t get distracted by bells and whistles. He knows strategy, but doesn’t get lost dreaming up big visions with no connection to reality. He has empathy for people, but doesn’t allow any one person’s agenda to dominate the discussion. He’s like a mediator between the dozens of competing interests, concerns, and goals in a complex project, while also pushing it forward toward concrete results.

It’s difficult to describe exactly what Ben does, because he covers so many bases. But when he’s around things go more smoothly and major mistakes that could derail the team simply don’t happen.

Tiago Forte

Founder, Forte Labs

Ben is an asset to any team that has the fortune to work with him. First and foremost, Ben has a deep sense of compassion, empathy, and integrity that pervades everything he does. But he is not merely another person with a kind and loving heart: he wields a deep power with a precise and effective set of skills. Ben has an intimidatingly large quantity of tools and mental models available at his disposalwhich he knows when and how to deploy.

He’s the first person I think of when I find tricky problems or new opportunities, and I wouldn’t want to start a company, run a non-profit, or embark on accomplishing a major vision without Ben’s support.

Tasshin Fogleman

Assistant Executive Director, Monastic Academy